Summer Care Tips for Your Toyota

March 16th, 2018 by

After months of cold weather and slick roads, there’s no better feeling than warm temperatures and plenty of sun. If you’re like many other drivers, summer marks a time of weekend trips to the beach, which means you’ll be spending plenty of time on the road.

To ensure that your Toyota is ready to handle the summer heat, here are care tips you’ll want to follow. Some of these tips you can do at home, while others are best left to professional Toyota service in Baltimore.

Get an Oil Change

Intense weather, including extremely cold and hot temperatures, cause your oil and oil filter work harder than normal. If you haven’t had an oil change since winter, now is a good time to schedule an appointment.

Clean oil is needed to lubricate parts of the engine, and an oil filter keeps dirt and debris from getting into the engine. Cleaner oil means a healthier engine. A healthy engine will last its expected lifespan, if not longer!

Check Fluid Levels

Weather changes can also deplete certain fluids in your car. Before heading out on any summer trips, be sure to check the following fluids:

  • Windshield wiper fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Coolant
  • Steering fluid

Coolant is one of the most important fluids to top off during the warmer months. Low coolant can cause your car to overheat. To ensure that all of your fluids are at proper levels, be sure to schedule car service at a local Toyota dealer.

Check Tire Pressure

All winter long, your tires were prone to salt, ice, snow, and other natural elements. Ensure your tires are ready for summer by checking the pressure. If your tire pressure is at healthy levels, you’ll also want to check tire alignment. Cars that pull when driving often need an alignment. Check with your local mechanic!

Protect the Interior

Leaving your car out in the summer heat can cause damage to the interior of your car. Too much sun and heat can cause dashboards and upholstery to fade. Some can even crack or peel because of high heat exposure.

To minimize this risk, when possible, park your car under shade. This could be in a garage, under a carport, or even under a tree. If you’re unable to find shade, the next best option is to use a windshield sun shade. These shades are designed to reflect the sun’s rays, keeping them from entering your car. As an added bonus, these shades keep your car cooler, which prevents the issue of overly hot leather or vinyl seats.

Take interior protection to the next level by applying upholstery protectant to your steering wheel, dashboards, and seats.

Your Trusted Toyota Dealership

At Jerry’s Toyota, you can trust our trained and professional mechanics to get your car ready for summer. So, before you head to Ocean City or somewhere else along the coast, be sure to stop by our Toyota dealership in Baltimore to get the service and maintenance you need to keep your car running for many summers to come.

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