Does My Toyota Need Premium Fuel?

January 16th, 2018 by

At the pump, there are all sorts of options to fuel your car, but does premium fuel make a car run better? Does gasoline type impact gas mileage? Can regular fuel damage a car’s engine?

There are all sorts of questions and speculation surrounding fuel types. We’re here to provide all of the information you need to ensure that you’re fueling your car with the gas that will keep your car running efficiently without blowing your weekly gasoline budget.

Fill Up with Fuel That’s Designed for Your Toyota

While you may think that premium or supreme gas is better for your car, there is nothing wrong with using the cheapest fuel that is designed for your Toyota’s engine. To figure out which octane rating your car needs, look in the owner’s manual. Cars that require higher octane or premium fuel have a notice in the owner’s manual as well as near the gas cap.

Unless your car calls for higher grade fuel, there’s generally no reason to buy anything above 87-octane. This fuel octane is what your engine is designed to run off of, plus it’s much cheaper than premium options!

On the other hand, you never want to use a lower octane fuel than what your car calls for. This can lead to all sorts of engine problems and damage, such as knocking.

Why Are Fuel Octanes Different?

Some cars require higher octane fuel because the engines require a higher compression ratio to produce more power. This means that that engine compresses fuel-air to a small size, which then creates more heat. For these engines, high octane fuel must be used to keep the gasoline from igniting early.

Higher Octane Isn’t Better

Despite what you may have heard, there is no benefit to putting higher octane fuel, such as 91 or 93, that can run on regular 87-octane gas. Using premium or supreme gas won’t produce more power, and it doesn’t make your engine run better.

Putting higher octane gas in a car that requires 87-octane only benefits the oil companies, not your car or your wallet!

No Impact on Gas Mileage

Another myth surrounding fuel is that higher octane gas means improved gas mileage. This is untrue! If you want to improve your gas mileage, your best bet is to take it easy on the gas pedal and to reduce the amount of weight in your car. Other tips for increasing your car’s gas mileage include:

  • Ensuring tires are properly inflated
  • Changing oil and oil filters regularly
  • Idling/braking less

If you have questions about your car’s fuel requirements or want to boost your gas mileage, be sure to stop by your local Toyota dealership in Baltimore.

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